SHERWOOD, Ark. — A two-car crash caught on camera resulted in two arrests and the discovery of illegal items in one of the cars, according to police.

Footage from Wednesday afternoon outside the U-Haul location on Warden Road shows two cars skidding and then rolling from Highway 67-167 all the way into the U-Haul parking lot.

Chaos ensued, which included a bystander holding a passenger from the suspect vechicle at gunpoint until officers arrived.

An older-model white truck was pinpointed as the aggressor after Jean Foster, the civilian gunman, says he saw the truck running people off the road a few miles back north toward Jacksonville along the highway.

As Foster reached the crash site, he stopped to see if he could help and give a statement as to what he saw.

Foster says that the passenger from the white truck was out of the car and appeared lethargic.

“He had a cell phone in his hand, and then he started searching around on his body,” Foster says.

The driver remained stuck inside the truck, according to witnesses. Other people involved in the crash appeared to be OK.

According to a police report, after searching the white truck, officers found 34 grams of a white powdery substance, a half-empty bottle of whiskey and 10 credit cards that belonged to other people.

Derrick and Brian Allen were both arrested on felony charges.