TRUMANN, Ark.- When you think of buying something special for your loved one, you might think of chocolate or flowers, but a florist in Trumann is offering a bouquet of toilet paper.

Blossom Events and Florist got the idea after stores started running out of toilet paper.

A dozen rolls will cost you $75, the same price they charge for a dozen roses.

“Same element, same base of it,” says David and Bart Faulkner, the owners of Blossom Events and Florist. “Same concept. It has greenery. It has water, it has a vase, it has ribbon. Lots of mechanics on the inside. It took a lot of labor. You just can’t make tissue paper look pretty. You just can’t.”

They’ve already sold a couple of the toilet paper bouquets.

In case you’re wondering, the owners did not go out and clear the shelves to make this a possibility.

They’re actually couponers, so they already had all of the toilet paper stocked away.