Trailer Full of Dead Chickens Left in Pine Bluff Neighborhood


PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A disturbing case of animal cruelty in Jefferson County tonight. Authorities say someone left a trailer filled chickens in a Pine Bluff neighborhood.

According to Pine Bluff authorities, the incident was no accident. A lot of the chickens are dead, others are barely alive. 

Authorities from several agencies are at the scene; trying to figure who’s responsible for abandoning this load of chickens, and what kind of charges they will face.

“Very shocking,” says Major Lafayette Woods with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office 

A trailer full of caged chickens left in a Pine Bluff neighborhood. 

“This is not something we see everyday,” says Major Woods. 

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Major Lafayette Woods says someone ditched a load of roughly 3,000 chickens at this location, to die.

“This is probably the worst I’ve ever seen,” says Major Woods. “And I’ve been on a lot of cases here…dealing with cruelty to animals.”

Major Woods says a man contacted him after seeing the bed of poultry being dropped off Tuesday afternoon.

“He did the right thing. I appreciate him for that,” says Major Woods. 

And after talking to people who live in the area, authorities learned — this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened.

“I think they chose the location because it’s somewhat secluded … isolated. We’re at a dead end right now,” says Major Woods. 

“This is probably the most inhumane way I’ve seen poultry or chicken processed.” 

Investigators have reached out to the FDA, USDA and Humane Society of United States about prosecuting whoever is responsible and possibly shutting down the chicken operation for good.

“That’s certainly going to be one of my goals. I’ve been here all my life, born and raised. When you have companies operating in this fashion, if we have companies here operating like that they are not going to stay open for long. Not if I got anything to do with it,” says Major Woods.

Woods says those responsible are looking at a Misdemeanor charge, which carries up to a year in jail, a $1,000 fine, and that charge would apply to chicken out here. 

He’s also seeing if any federal charges can be applied as well. 

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