Trailer stolen from River Valley Food Bank in Russellville

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ark.-“It’s depressing to know that people don’t care anymore and stoop low enough to just come on and get it,” Roxanne Martin said.

A trailer from The River Valley Food Bank in Russellville was stolen on Thursday.

The non-profit organization strives to help others and they need help finding the person responsible.

Roxanne Martin is the Co-Director. She says it’s disappointing that someone would take from an organization that’s helped people for over 16 years.

The facility closed it’s doors on September 20th because there wasn’t enough help and support.

They’ve been in the process of selling different items and now they’re left trying to figure out who stole on of their trailers.

It’s all about giving back and helping others at the River Valley Food Bank in Rusellville.

“We’ve done everything, no charge, no nothing and we just go do it,” Martin said.

Martin says someone stole one of their trailers on Thursday.

“It’s upsetting but I reckon they needed more than we did, Martin said.

A 16-feet trailer was stolen from the property on Tyler Road.

“It was a homemade trailer it had homemade side boards,” Martin said.

Martins says they used the trailer to haul donations and supplies.

She says they were forced to shut down the food bank in September because of a lack of volunteers and funding.

She says they’re trying to sell stuff to pay off bills and this is another hit to the organization.

“It hurts us because we still have to pay for this building we still have to pay for the trailers. and when you steal it we have to pay for something we don’t have anymore,” Martin said.

The organization posted to it’s Facebook page and it was shared hundreds of times.

“We contacted everyone that we knew and no had borrowed it or knew anything about it or been out here,” Martin said.

It caught the attention of one person who gave the food bank a trailer.

“There a lot of people that bend over backwards to try to help us and there’s good and bad in the world sometimes you get hit by both,” Martin said.

Martin says they filed a report with Russellville Police.

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