Thieves steal from rental property in Sherwood

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SHERWOOD, Ark.-The grinch started early on his Christmas list breaking into a rental property in Sherwood taking several items.

It happened at a home on Greenview Drive and a neighbors ring camera caught the thieves driving away.

Sam Carrasquillo says he just finished remodeling the home and it’s been on the market for about two months.

He says the thieves were smart and took items they needed to make their own home look good.

“This is a four-bedroom, two and a half bath, 2263 square feet,” Carrasquillo said.

“So we finished the remodel and had it on the market for 3 months now, 2 and a half months now,” Carrasquillo said.

Someone took advantage of the property.

Sam Carrasquillo is a realtor and says someone hit up the home, not looking to buy, but instead.

“They took the dishwasher, they took the stove, but they also took closet shelves, they took towel racks, they took toilet paper holders, they took a vanity, they took doorknobs and all the light fixtures, showerheads, and all the plumbing fixtures just the whole thing,” Carrasquillo said.

They also shut off the water.

“And they used the bathroom number too,” Carrasquillo said.
Now Carrasquillo is paying a $5,000 deductible.

“We have to take the hit and its not one we want to take especially going into wintertime,” Carrasquillo said.

Across the street, a neighbors ring camera captured some of the action.

“He caught a red truck pulling a U-haul trailer and they were here a total time of 20 minutes. They just thought someone was moving into the house,” Carrasquillo said.

Instead, a group of thieves was moving stuff out.

“Somebody out there had a nice taste for exactly what they needed so their house is adorned with our things now,” Carrasquillo said.

The thieves even stole the doorbell and took the keys so Sam had to replace all the door locks.

He using a super box that you can only access through your phone.

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