Renters continue to live without gas at Big Country Chateau Apartments, Planning and Development stepping in

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-Renters at the Big Country Chateau Apartments in Little Rock will have to spend another night without gas at the complex.

“I don’t want to hate on anybody or condemn them but it seems like something could be done, communication is key and just let us know what’s up,” Mark Titus said.

Some renters say they’ve been without a hot shower and a home-cooked meal for two weeks.

Tenants add management won’t answer their phone calls or address other issues at the apartment.

The City of Little Rock, the Planning and Development Department are now stepping in.

On Tuesday, the Little Rock Fire Department was called to the complex because of a gas leak.

Earlier that day, KARK News spoke to people who’ve been living without gas for two weeks.

City officials tell me the apartment owners will have to bring the gas lines up to code and pass an inspection with the city before the gas is turned back on.

Renters say they don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

“We’ve been told week after week after week they even threw a BBQ for us to kind of appease the situation,” Titus said.

People at the Big Country Chateau Apartments are tired of broken promises.

“It’s already been 17, 18 days,” Melvin Bell said.

Another day of no gas at complex on Colonel Glenn Road in Little Rock.

“Cold showers are getting really bad and winter is coming on…whew,” Titus said.

The problems taking a toll on families.

“I only have hot plates to warm up water and fix some type of meal for my baby,” Vance said.

Fire crews rushed to complex 24 hours ago after someone turned the gas on without passing an inspection.

Two units had a natural gas leak and Nicole Vance called 911.

“I kept smelling gas and hearing gas seep out of the vents,” Vance said.

The smelly problem prompted officials to shut the gas off at the entire complex.

“Do we have a home and are we going to continue to pay rent for something that’s not up to standards,” Titus said.

We spotted workers in some units on Wednesday, but people say it’s nothing new.

“They did a gas test on my building alone about half of it passed and half of it failed it’s kind of scary,” Titus said.

People say it’s a frustrating situation.

“Lets hope nothing explodes tonight are the fire trucks and police going to be out here tonight,” Titus said.

Renters will continue to be without gas until repairs are made and the City inspects the complex.

“By the time that’s done the city comes out it will be another month,” Titus said.

We reached out to the manger at the complex.

People at the complex say they’re also dealing with mold and bed bugs.

Workers with Arkansas Renters United and tenants will be protesting outside the complex on Thursday at 3:00 p.m.

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