Gas restored at some Big Country Chateau apartments

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-“When they came and knocked on the doors and said maintenance we are fixing to try and get your has turned back on I thought I was walking on those gold streets in heaven,” Storm Scott said.

The waiting game is finally over for some people at the Big Country Chateau Apartments in Little Rock.

Gas has been restored at nine building in the complex, giving people access to hot water and their stoves.

Storm Scott remembers waking up at three in the morning taking cold showers to go to his dialysis appointments.

He says it wasn’t easy but, he tried to make the best of it.

He also had to use microwaves and crock-pots to warm up water and cook meals.

“I was elated,” Scott said.

Storm Scott is feeling over joyed.

“Because now I can expand my menu back,” Scott said.

After a long month, he and several others have gas at their Big Country Chateau Apartment homes.

“There it is…we got hot water now,” Scott said.

The gas was shut off at the complex because of a leak in September.

“It was a shock because you come home and bam you got an indefinite gas outage on your door,” Scott said.

For weeks, Scott says he tried to adjust and not get upset with management.

“And they said we doing the best we can and we don’t see no excavation going on so it was kind of hard to believe,” Scott said.

The City of Little Rock cited the property manager for failing to maintain utilities.

“These little containers it takes about 6 or seven of them,” Scott said.

But it still left Scott and several others struggling.

“All I had was a microwave and a crock pot,” Scott said.

He couldn’t afford to move out and wants more done for better living conditions.

“Present some type of proposal to our representatives and our congressman to enact some type of renter protection,” Scott said.

The gas is finally restored.

“I feel like I’m back on top again,” Scott said.

Scott is grateful for a working stove and hot water.

“I’m rejoicing and basking in it that’s why I don’t want to be super critical because I’ve survived it,” Scott said.

There are still 4 buildings at the complex that have not passed inspection with the city and the gas remains off.

The owner will be back in court on October 28th.

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