Arkansas MLK Commission travels to Atlanta for Nonviolence 365 Orientation

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ATLANTA, Ga, -This week several leaders from across the country, including Reverend Bernice King will host a special workshop at King Center in Atlanta to help train people on a variety of topics.

It’s an event the Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission attends every year and our Re’Chelle Turner traveled exclusively to Atlanta with the organization.

It’s called Nonviolence 365 Orientation. The intensive two-day training talks about Dr. King’s childhood, de-escalation of violent situations, conflict resolution, forgiveness, the value of diversity and Dr. King’s six principles of nonviolence.

It features different workshops and interactive sessions that help focus on the youth and building relationships in the community.

People say they’re excited to learn and help prepare Arkansans to embrace nonviolence as a lifestyle and as a means for social change.

“I always tell my kids it only makes you better when you do things the right way and so that’s what I’m know for my kids dad always says it will make you better volunteering for the last 9 years has made us better understand about what’s going on in the world,” Patrick Mulligan said.

“I have elementary-aged kids and timing is very different for them and 60 years ago seems like forever and they would confuse the civil rights movement with the end of slavery so we were able to clear up some of those miss conceptions but also being able to help them understand that those teachings are still relevant to their lives today,” Mariah Reescanh said.

The Arkansas MLK Commission is one of the most active commission across the nation.

Executive Director DeShun Scarbrough is heavily involved with the King Center.

The training starts Friday morning. This conference features several leaders including and different groups from all over the world.

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