Tinder date steals car, Conway cops come to the rescue


CONWAY, Ark. — A Faulkner County woman takes a pause in her search for love when a dating app match leaves her dialing 911.

April Wesley calls her experience a lesson in a dangerous reality of online dating, but the real moral of her story is all thanks to Conway Police Officers who answered her call for help.

“I’ll be happy if I never saw his face again,” Wesley said of her date. “We’d been talking for a while and I just thought he was okay.”

The single mom matched with a man on Tinder who goes by the name Joshua. According to his profile, he’s 29-years-old and lives in Little Rock. She says there weren’t any warning signs until their second date.

“I worry about them being psycho serial killers or things like that, but stealing my car never crossed my mind,” Wesley said. “I was under the impression he was a chef, and that he was a very upstanding person, and he was not.”

Turns out he had something else cooking, when he stole her SUV parked outside her home.

“He told my son he forgot something in my car, I wasn’t in the room and my son handed him they key,” Wesley explained. Of course I tried to call him a couple of times, he didn’t answer me.”

Police put the brakes on the driver within minutes of getting the report, and they got him out of the car at an intersection less than 5 miles from where he stole it.

“I’m just really amazed by their response time,” Wesley said of the officers, who she says used their badges to do more than just arrest the man.

“I had an officer come here [her house] to literally take me to my car because I had no way to get to it,” she explained. “He even gave me a little advice about there being great people in the world, but not to trust everyone.”

Wesley now thanking those officer for helping remind her, a swipe on an app isn’t everything.

“They were very compassionate with the situation. They let me know many people get taken advantage of,” she said. “I just need to remember everyone is not a good person.”

KARK is not naming the man, since Wesley decided not to press charges. Officers did arrest him on several outstanding warrants.

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