Teens escape house fire, mother credits training


SHANNON HILLS, Ark.- A Shannon Hills mom is grateful everyone is safe after she says an honest mistake caused a major fire in her home.

When Aaryn Brown ran out to the store, she says she completely forgot that she left grease on the stove that she was warming up for dinner.

She says she’s done mock fire drills with her sons, who are now 13 and 16. When they started smelling smoke upstairs, they knew how to react.

“I always told them, ‘If anything goes wrong and I’m not here, you get outside and call 911 and then call me,’ and they did exactly that,” Brown says.

She says about five fire trucks, ambulances and police cars were all outside her house by the time she got home.

Her kitchen and living room have substantial fire damage. The rest of the house has smoke damage.

The insurance adjuster expects the repairs to take about four months.

The Browns have temporary housing.

Brown says she started talking to her boys about fire safety when they were very young.

She says even if you think your kids aren’t listening, make a plan.

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