The curves can give your steering wheel a workout.

Highway 10 west of Little Rock snakes alongside Lake Maumelle. It’s a route Robert Young knows well.

“Travel this road twice a day, 25 years,” Young says.

But, these days  the scenery is a little scary.

“There’s dead trees all along this road,” Young says.

He points out a tree that shows signs of decay:

“I’m judging, I’m saying the highway is about 30 feet away. [This tree] is a good 60 feet tall,” Young says.

“So, there’s plenty of tree that’s going to end up out there on that road.”

Our crew noticed some trees that had already toppled over landing just short of the shoulder.

“If a tree falls on you, it’s pretty much going to do some damage,” Young says.

He knows from experience.

Three years ago, he says a tree fell onto his car while driving this very road.

“It was an impact that literally knocked me this way,” Yong says illustrating the motion.

He escaped injury but totaled his car.

“Who’s next?” Young says.

“I don’t want to wake up in the morning and have you guys running a story on somebody injured or worse.”

The Central Arkansas Water company owns the land and caught wind of the trouble spot. A representative from the company told us tree removal is scheduled for Monday and that staff members noticed disappearing bark last week. 

A walk through was done on Thursday morning.

It now leaves branches hanging in the balance for just a few more days.

“These are timebombs waiting to hit,” Young says.