LAYTON CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A local police officer is resting up, after unknowingly drinking drugged lemonade while on duty.
Driving a marked patrol car and wearing his uniform, officials say the Layton City  patrol sergeant decided to grab a quick lunch, Monday afternoon.  The sergeant stopped at the 1142 E. State Route 193 Subway location and pulled into the drive-thru to order and pay for his food.
Officials say soon, the sergeant was sipping on his lemonade, which he later said “tasted funny,” and a few gulps is all it took.
 “He certainly didn’t have any tolerance built up… started feeling sick immediately, started having difficulty focusing, some lethargic symptoms,” said Lt. Travis Lyman with Layton City Police Dept.
Lyman says the sergeant soon could not focus on the road — his body having delayed responses to his thoughts. 
“He described that it was a very labored effort to get his foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal,” Lyman explained. 
Once back at his department, investigators realized something was seriously wrong with the sergeant.  They ran some samples on his lemonade and found illegal narcotics, including methamphetamine and THC, the active ingredient in marijuana in the drink. 
Lyman says Subway surveillance video shows 18 year-old employee, Tanis Ukena handling the sergeant’s lemonade suspiciously. 
“He poured the drink, had access to the drink, spent some time with the drink, left, and then again, came back and spend a bit of time with the drink,” Lyman said. 
Police arrested Ukena on a second-degree felony.
Meanwhile, the department is left wondering about the suspect’s possible motive.  Right now it is unclear whether or not the employee knew he was serving a police officer at the time the sergeant ordered. 
 “Police officer or not… the consequences could’ve been drastic, so that’s really upsetting,” Lyman said. 
Many regular customers Good 4 Utah spoke with say they do not blame Subway and do not seem too worried about eating there going forward. 
“One bad apple out of the bunch is not going to ruin everything,” Swade Mabey, a customer, said of situation. 
 “I always come to this one, and I’ve had really good service,” another customer said. 
The sandwich shop referred all questions to corporate headquarters, who have not returned Good 4 Utah’s calls. 
Police say the local store owners have been cooperative. 
Fellow officers say the sergeant is now at home recovering.  Investigators have also since sent samples of the tainted lemonade to a state lab to determine the drug potency of the drink.