LITTLE ROCK, AR- It’s back to school for some districts across Arkansas Wednesday, following the winter weather events that forced school officials to cancel classes the past couple of days.

Students attending Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School are back in class Wednesday. Parents say they gave themselves extra time to get their kids to school safely.

“There were a few patches in the neighborhood. They were kinda icy off the main roads, but no real hazardous problems at all,” says LRSD parent.

“There’s a little ice but it’s on the side, so no slipping and sliding,” says LRSD mother.

The school is also taking extra precautions. Before school started, campus employees sprayed ice melt along sidewalks and entrances to school buildings to prevent any accidents on the icy pavement. Meanwhile, parents say communication with LRSD about the winter weather couldn’t have been better.

“I got the phone call, saw it on social networking because I’m into that,” says LRSD parent.

On the LRSD website, Facebook or twitter, parents got the memo and they were more than ready to get their kids back in class.

“She’s glad to be back at school. We kinda had cabin fever, so yeah we’re glad to be back today,” says LRSD mother.

The district says students have missed out on six days of school due to inclement weather. School officials are still deciding on when students will make up those days.