STOP: Flashing Red, Kids Ahead


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With school starting this week, there is a state wide push to remind drivers to stop when they see flashing red lights on a school bus.

There is a campaign that is called “Flashing Red, Kids Ahead”. State officials held a news conference at the capitol saying that during a one day survey last year, more than 800 drivers drove passed school b uses as students were being let off.

The Arkansas Director of Education, Johnny Key says that people still need the reminder.

“When you see those red lights, when you see that arm extended with the stop sign “STOP”. If you’re not sure, just stop anyways.”

If you are caught passing a school bus with lights flashing and arm extended you will be fined. The maximum fine for that is $2,500, but that is not the worse case.

The worst case scenario is a child getting hit by a passing vehicle.

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