Traveling into Clinton, traffic is light and the welcome sign is big.

“Everybody knows everybody here,” Susan McNabb says.

McNabb has called Clinton home her whole life. She works at a local bank and sees money come and go.

But, her latest transaction has turned her into a different kind of teller — the kind that tells a good story.

It begins at the town Walmart.

“Well I was in a hurry,” McNann says, recalling her day.

Monday morning she ran in, ran out and left her wallet behind with $160 inside.

She came back to pick it up, but the cash was gone.

“Then I went down to the city police and reported it,” McNabb says.

Wednesday morning, police called her after an unexpected visitor came by the station.

Terri Hicks was working the front desk.

“A lady comes through the door, brings in an envelope,” Hicks says.

The visitor dropped it off then disappeared.

“It was that fast, yes,” Hicks says.

Inside the envelope was $160 cash and a handwritten note asking for forgiveness.

McNabb read part of the note out loud:

“To the lady that left her wallet at Walmart…please forgive me as I always strive to have integrity, and that day I failed miserably.”

Words on paper that appeared to be more valuable than the bills that came along with it.

“There’s good in everybody,” McNabb says.

She plans to spend the returned $160 in a way that can help someone else.