LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Forbes magazine is out with its latest list of the richest Americans, and Arkansas is well represented.

It took a worth of at least $2.9 billion to be on this year’s Forbes 400 list, with valuations based on stock holdings as of Sept. 8. A total of four residents of the Natural State made the cut, as did several members of the family that founded Bentonville-based Walmart living elsewhere across the country.

Three children of Sam Walton appear on the list with their families. Jim Walton is the Arkansan highest on the list at number 12 with $68.2 billion in wealth. While Sam’s youngest son is no longer on the Walmart board, he is chairman of Arvest Bank.

Next on the list is Jim’s oldest brother Rob Walton at number 13, with $67.4 billion in wealth. He is only child of Sam still on the Walmart board and led a group last year in bought the Denver Broncos for a record-breaking $4.7 billion.

Alice Walton is number 14 on the list at $66.5 billion. She is a Texas resident now, but Sam’s only daughter still has deep Arkansas ties like the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which she opened in 2011.

Sam’s remaining child, John, died in a 2005 plane crash, though both his son and widow remain on the list. Lukas Walton, 37, is the youngest person on the list and comes in at number 31 with a net worth of $24.2 billion. His mother Christy Walton is number 58 with $11.8 billion in assets.

The daughters of Bud Walton, Sam’s brother and a Walmart co-founder, are further down the list. Older sister Ann Walton-Kroenke is on the list at 87 with a $9.4 billion worth, and she joins her husband, sports team owner & real estate developer Stan Kroenke, who came in at 47 with $14.6 billion worth.

Younger sister Nancy Walton-Laurie is on the list at 88 with a $9.3 billion worth.

Outside the Walton family, two other Arkansas residents were on this year’s list.

Johnelle Hunt, who began J.B. Hunt Transport Services with her late husband in 1969, is at number 249 on the list with $4.6 billion in holdings. She left her role as corporate secretary with the company in 2008 but still is its largest individual shareholder.

Warren Stephens is the final Arkansan on the Forbes list, ranking at number 356 with $3.2 billion in holdings. He is the CEO of investment bank Stephens Inc., which had underwritten Walmart’s initial public offering in 1970.

Elon Musk took the top spot on the list. The Tesla, SpaceX and X head showed a worth of $251 billion.