LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – New data shows Arkansas residents are getting their COVID-19 shots despite doubts.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Office of Community Health & Research found in two studies that about a third of the state got vaccinated despite having some vaccine hesitancy.

Researchers found that personal politics and government distrust were factors in people deciding not to be vaccinated. In a second finding, minority and rural populations and women had higher vaccine hesitancy levels.

The studies found that key motivators in getting the vaccine were the influence of musicians, celebrities, media outlets, community members, health officials and employer mandates.

The Arkansas Department of Health figures show that 59% of Arkansans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

About 73% of COVID-19-related deaths and hospitalizations in Arkansas since Feb. 1, 2021, were among patients not fully vaccinated, ADH figures show.

As of Nov. 10, more than 12,500 Arkansans have died from COVID-19.