CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ark. – An Arkansas man and woman come forward, alleging excessive force by the deputy recently seen in a video beating a man in Crawford County.

The 30-second video clip shows three Arkansas law enforcement officers punching, kneeling and smashing a man’s head into the cement while arresting him on multiple charges on Sunday.

One of those three caught on camera is Crawford County Sheriff’s Deputy Levi White.

River Valley attorneys said they filed an excessive force complaint against Deputy White a month ago after an arrest involving their client, Teddy Wallace.

Tuesday, we heard from not only Wallace but another person who said just a week ago she was also arrested by White and allegedly abused – something she reported the next day.

“Humiliated, disrespected, violated,” said Tammy Nelson, who was arrested by Deputy White two Sundays ago.

Those are just some of the feelings Nelson described after her encounter with White. She said her arrest stemmed from a civil matter and because of Deputy White, it escalated fast.

She said she filed a complaint with the Sheriff’s office the following morning.

“I’m on my back, there’s nothing covering me,” Nelson said, describing the arrest. “He’s right here on top of me.”

Fast forward… that same deputy is caught on camera in a video that has surfaced all over social media. But, Nelson is not the only one taking her concerns public.

“Only difference was I was being tased and being beaten with a baton while being beaten in the head,” Wallace said.

Wallace said Deputy White used excessive force on him during an arrest last month.

“Like everyone else, I was getting the video of that brutal beating that occurred in Mulberry,” said Wallace’s attorney, Carrie Jernigan. “When I saw that video, it was exactly how Mr. Wallace had told me he was getting beat.”

Jernigan called the arrest unlawful.

“How many times were you beat in the head?” a reporter asked Wallace. “Too many to count,” he answered.

Wallace and Nelson both said they suffer injuries to this day.

“I had a bunch of abrasions all over my elbows,” Wallace said. “My knees, my legs were bruised. I have a big bruise on my right arm.”

“This arm- I can’t even straighten it all the way out,” Nelson said. “I have to get surgery done.”

Nelson and Wallace said if law enforcement would have listened to their complaints, this viral video from Sunday could have been avoided.

“If it was handled from last Sunday, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now and having to fight to defend this child that he just hurt,” Nelson said.

I reached out to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office regarding these previous complaints and did not hear back,

An attorney representing Deputy White said he is not aware of any prior accusations.

We have also learned the two complaints against White, prior to Sunday’s incident, are not the only ones.        

A lawsuit alleges excessive force by Deputy White back in 2017 while on the job at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

His name, however, was later dropped from the suit.

Records show Deputy White resigned days after the suit was filed.