LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two Arkansas cities were listed toward the top in a recent survey of sinful cities.

WalletHub published a survey Monday measuring 182 American cities on a sin index measuring such things as anger, greed, vices, lust and vanity. Two Arkansas cities, the only ones in the state surveyed, placed toward the top of the list, with Fort Smith at 64 and Little Rock at 37.

Las Vegas was number one as the most sinful city on the multi-state list.

Little Rock placed low on such factors as the combined anger and hatred score and low on the combined excesses and vices score but made up for that with above-average numbers in its individual greed and vanity rankings. Fort Smith had a high anger and hatred score along with vanity score for its position.

Source: WalletHub

Interestingly, Fort Smith ranked as one of the lowest in the nation for excessive drinking at 178 on that scale, abbreviated to 182 cities due to some tie scores.

Anger and hatred were calculated using violent crimes per capita coupled with the number of hate groups and incidents of bullying. Excesses and vices were measured using obesity rates and DUI, smoking and drug use numbers.

Greed factoring included the number of casinos and Google searches for adult entertainment. Vanity measured the number of tanning salons coupled with Google searches for plastic surgery.

Saint Louis, Missouri and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, scored two and three behind Las Vegas. Bottom-of-the list went to Port Saint Lucie, Florida, with Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Fremont, California, finishing just behind it.