LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A state-wide program to train teachers and students is being initiated by the Arkansas Department of Education.

The ADE announced Wednesday that the agency’s new “Read, Code, Create” program was being implemented for sixth-grade students and teachers. The program combines reading skills with computer science lessons.

The program is a joint effort between the ADECSforARR.I.S.E. ArkansasAR STEM and G.U.I.D.E. for life programs, combining reading and learning skills with specific lessons on the science of computer programming. A teacher from each sixth-grade building will be trained and provided with course materials for their school.

An ADE spokesperson said the new program is a continuation of the state’s computer science and reading initiatives.

The Wednesday announcement was made as part of the Arkansas Computer Science Education Week. The state will announce a related announcement each day during the week of Dec. 5.