LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Good news for thrifty Arkansans as the state ranks among the lowest for credit card debt.

According to a study by finance site WalletHub, Arkansas is seventh in ranking for states where residents have the lowest credit card debt.

The Natural State receives this ranking through its low median credit card balance of $2,360 with an average $248 cost of interest until card debt is paid off. The typical Arkansan needing 11 months and 29 days was another factor in achieving the seventh-place ranking.

Compare this to Alaska, the state with the highest credit card debt. Typical Alaskan borrowers have $3,517 in debt with $540 in interest. The median time to pay off in that state is 17 months and 14 days.

West Virginia had the least debt of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Typical card debt for borrowers in the Mountain State is $2,131 with $211 in interest and 11 months and three days to pay down.

An interesting statistic in research for the survey was that Arkansas was second-lowest in median earnings for full-time workers behind Mississippi. The District of Columbia had the highest median income.

Experts point to unexpected expenses such as medical costs that lead to accumulating credit card debt. Budgeting is their recommended strategy for getting out of debt.