LITTLE ROCK, Ark – The summer road trip: Few greater traditions than bright sun shining, hopping in the car, open roads, scenic highway to the Arkansas places, the lake, mountains, parks.

Good times, a great reason to live in the Natural State. For many teens the summer road trip is the first big internal-combustion adventure of their lives, memories for years to come.

Unfortunately for those same teens, Arkansas is one of the worse states for teen road trips according to a WalletHub study, ranking the state 43 of the 50 for teen driver safety.

The study developed a score based on three metrics, safety, economic environment and driving laws, with safety making up half of the possible 100 score.

Arkansas earned good marks for safety and driving laws but a low score for economic environment, which included the cost of moving violation and not wearing a seat belt tickets, coupled with the cost of car insurance and auto repairs.

New York came in at the top spot in the study, thanks to a best ranking in safety and driving laws categories.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows traffic accidents as the leading cause of death for 15 to 18 year olds.

Financially, teen traffic accidents chalk up $4.8 billion per year in expenses due to medical costs and work loss, without accounting for auto repair.