Shocking discovery reveals Alpena, Ark., mayor was never mayor

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ALPENA, Ark. (KY3) – Theron McCammond turned in his keys to Alpena city council members Monday morning at the monthly council meeting.

”I’m out of there. Thank God,” he said afterwards.

McCammond was the mayor of Alpena for more than a year, or so everyone thought.

His property was supposedly annexed into city limits in 2017, he was elected mayor a year later, and took office in 2019.

“Had I realized what I would’ve found when I walked in there, I don’t know if I would’ve been the mayor. I don’t know if I’d have wanted it,” McCammond said.

Last year McCammond found out a city employee had been double-dipping into mileage reimbursements, and he said he’s uncovered a lot of corruption in city government.

He was ready to resign but wanted his land detached from city limits before that.

”I didn’t want to do it with my land left in town because that’s crazy. I don’t want them having any control over me, what I do on my own place,” he said.

Then city council members made a shocking discovery.

”We looked into city records and found out that the whole time his house, his residence, had never been in city limits the entire year and a half he’d been in office,” said AJ Womack, an Alpena city council member.

Which means McCammond didn’t actually live in the city he was elected to serve.

”Not only is he not the mayor, he’s never been the mayor. That’s the crazy part,” Womack said.

City council members are relieved and quickly appointed fellow member Womack as their new mayor.

”I just want to see Alpena go forward. And so even though I never planned on being mayor, I sure am excited,” Womack said.

The city council members plan to swear in Womack as the new mayor along with replacing his empty city council member seat at their next meeting in September.


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