LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Supports of an effort to place recreational marijuana on the November ballot took an expected step Thursday by filing a lawsuit with the Arkansas Supreme Court.

The suit was filed on behalf of Responsible Growth Arkansas, the same group which has worked to place personal recreational use of marijuana on the November ballot.

The group had its ballot request rejected by the state board of election commissioners Monday, which would have been the final step in placing a measure on the ballot.

The measure had already passed the petition threshold to go in front of voters this fall. The Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office reported that it had verified more than 90,000 of the signatures that had been submitted in support of the bill, more that 1,000 over the state’s requirement.

Responsible Growth has asked for a preliminary injunction, which would allow the measure to be placed on the ballot. Aug. 25 is the final day to have a measure placed on the November ballot, and the court is not expected to meet before then.

The court has yet to announce if it will hear the case.