MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 10-year-old boy is seriously injured after authorities said he was accidentally shot in Wynne, Arkansas.

The Wynne Police Department said the Cross County Sheriff’s Office received the call at around 5 p.m. Thursday.

Police said officers arrived on the scene and found a 10-year-old boy who had been shot in the chest. Wynne police said the child was bleeding profusely.

The 10-year-old was taken to CrossRidge Community Hospital, where he was then flown to a hospital in Memphis. Police said he is currently recovering.

According to Wynne police, the victim’s 13-year-old brother accidentally shot the victim while playing with an “unsecured firearm” in the house.

Wynne police says while shooting someone is “unquestionably criminal,” this shooting was a “heartbreaking accident.”

“As mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents ourselves, our hearts break for the children and their families,” the police department said in a release. “We, as a community, must attempt to help the family heal and overcome this disastrous event in any way possible.”

Wynne police urge gun owners to “be diligent in their ownership.”

“We cannot leave our guns where they are accessible to children, and we must be vigilant in the practice of firearm safety,” the police department said.

The Wynne Police Department is asking anyone who wants to turn over a firearm or have one destroyed to come to the police department.