JACKSON COUNTY, Ark. – Two people are dead, one med flighted, and seven more injured after burning fields led to a 15-vehicle pile-up Tuesday afternoon in Jackson County.

Officials said smoke from nearby burning fields caused low visibility on Highway 67-167 in northeast Arkansas, blinding drivers and resulting in a deadly 15-car pileup.

“It is terrible. I am so sorry,” resident Karen James said. “I’m sad for all the families.”

The crash happened near the small town of Cash, which is about 20 minutes outside of Jonesboro. Northbound lanes were closed for more than six hours.

“It is unreal,” James said. “Goodness, we just pray for them.”

Eleven passenger cars and four commercial vehicles left residents like Karen James, who was driving down the highway, scared and in disbelief.

“It can happen to anyone driving, it could’ve been me driving through there and who knows what could’ve happened,” James said.

Helicopters were on the road to med-flight one person. Multiple other people were injured and many first responders were on the scene.

People who live in the area, like James, said the only thing that could be done was to pray.

“Just pray for everyone that’s involved, all of the families, all of the people that were in it,” she said. “Prayer, it’s the only thing you can do.”