Mother: Disabled Daughter Doesn’t have Proper Accommodations at Hazen School

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PRAIRIE COUNTY, Ark. – A mother is speaking out as an advocate for her disabled daughter. 

She accuses the Hazen School District of not giving her the proper accommodations or tools to learn. 

“She uses more body language and eye contact to communicate,” says Lynn Shuck. 

14-year-old Rosalie has severe spastic cerebral palsy, which leaves her with a number of physical and vocal restrictions. 

Despite that, her mother Lynn Shuck says Rosalie is every bit the 9th grade girl. 

She attends the Hazen School District, but according to Lynn, Rosalie has regressed because of a number of issues. 

“The ramps are uncompleted. They don’t have skid proof, some fo the railing aren’t done,” she says.”They don’t have enough teachers or staff.”

Lynn says the school houses the disabled students in a building at the back of campus that doesn’t have appropriate access. 

“They moved them in there but they did not make it a fulfilled self contained classroom,” she says.

Lynn says since the school’s therapist refuses to encourage Rosalie to walk in her walker. She’s been taking her daughter off campus for physical therapy of all kinds and has seen improvements. 

The frustrated mother has been working with Disability Rights of Arkansas to be the best advocate for her daughter. She says she doesn’t want students with special needs to continue to be pushed to the side in the Hazen School District. 

“They have a right to an education… they have a right to have a proper teacher, teaching them and not hearing that kids like that don’t belong in a public school district,” says Lynn.

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