LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Those of you who had “$4.50 by the weekend” may enjoy your moment in the sun Friday, as Arkansas gas prices hit 1 cent above that number for June 10.

AAA is reporting Friday morning that gas in the Natural State averages $4.51 a gallon — a record high — while diesel is averaging $5.299, putting it less than 1 cent to its all-time-high $5.302 of May 11.

A year ago, the Arkansas average for gasoline was $2.77 gallon with diesel at $3.04.

Regionally, gasoline in the Little Rock metro is state average at $4.51 per gallon, while diesel is below the state average at $5.22. As with the state, that is a high mark for gasoline but below the May high for diesel. Hot Springs gas is $4.48 per gallon with diesel at $5.28, the highest prices for either fuel type to date. Pine Bluff gas and diesel price is $4.30 and $5.28, respectively — a highest-ever for gas but below the mid-May high point for diesel.

Above the state average is Fayetteville metro at $4.53 gasoline, although its $5.25 diesel is below the average. Texarkana is above on both, at $4.64 gasoline and $5.39 diesel.

National average is, as has been the trend, above Arkansas at $4.99 for gasoline and $5.73 for diesel. California continues as the high price leader, at $6.42 gasoline and $6.97 diesel. Los Angeles sets the curve here, at $6.45 and $6.97 respectively.

Alaska gasoline averages $5.55.

Gasoline price averages have set nation-wide records for June, with a steady climb in prices after a mid-April dip, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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