KINGSLAND, Ark. – Deputies have released the identity of the man who they said shot the Kingsland, Arkansas, water tower, springing a leak and bringing a national spotlight onto the birthplace of Johnny Cash.

According to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, Timothy Sled of Kingsland is facing two felony charges tied to the vandalism, which caused a leak in the tower in a spot where a silhouette of the music legend was, making it look as though the Man in Black was relieving himself.

Deputies said Sled, 38, could face up to $20,000 in fines and 16 years in prison for the incident.

Repair work to patch the leak started Wednesday, Mayor Luke Neal said. The spray had been costing Kingsland $200 a day in losses, and repairs were expected to cost more than $5,000, great expenses for a small town of only 514 residents.

“It might seem small in bigger places,” the mayor said of the cost, “but for here it’s a pretty large number.”

Neal explained that the work to patch the hole could take two to three days to be complete, nothing that while the work is being done, residents may see discolored water.

Images of the leak have been making headlines across the country, with videos showing the Cash Flow racking up millions of views on social media sites and the story being picked up in news outlets from coast to coast, including being picked up as a segment from late-night host Stephen Colbert.

Officials with the sheriff’s office said Sled is facing a felony charge of criminal mischief and a charge of impairing the operation of a vital public utility. He had his first hearing in the case on Tuesday.