DUMAS, Ark. – Images of those who were shot over the weekend at a car show in Dumas are beginning to emerge, including pictures of some of the youngest victims.

Monday afternoon the Arkansas State Police issued an update noting that there were 27 people shot in the incident, including one person who died.

Among those injured in the shooting was 1-year-old Angelo Ussery Jr., who was one of six kids who were caught in the crossfire at the car show.

Images courtesy Chastyne Hopkins

Ussery’s mother Chastyne Hopkins said that two of her children were shot in the leg and shared video of her daughter Aaliyah limping out of the hospital.

Both kids were out of the hospital by Monday afternoon and are recovering at home, leaving Hopkins to say she was just thankful they’re alive and for the continued support of the community.

It was clearly a scary situation for the community. Video showed the chaos at Delta Memorial Hospital immediately after the shooting as a crowd of people, many of whom were likely family members of those gunshot victims.

Another video shared by a viewer captured the moments just after the gunfire erupted. As ambulances rushed to get through the traffic, people carried some of the victims to safety. The video also shows a Dumas Police Department truck carrying people in the back.

“30 minutes after I got here, I just heard shots and stuff. Everybody was running and stuff,” a man who was at the car show said. “I saw one guy got shot and he just fell. It turned after we left it was my cousin. He got shot two times.”

Organizers of the car show said the event that ended in violence was actually an event being held to promote nonviolence.

The Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization has been holding the Hood-Nic event for 16 years, and Saturday night a representative of the group said they’ve never seen anything like this.