HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Fire managers are monitoring a wildfire in Ouachita National Forest, which is expected to burn over the next few days.

The wildfire, detected about 4 miles south of the Albert Pike Campground in Polk and Montgomery Counties, currently covers approximately 350 acres. It was detected Sunday, Nov. 28, and is expected to reach full containment at just more than 2,000 acres.

The Forest Service said that the fire is in a “largely inaccessible “ area and fire managers have allowed it to burn toward pre-existing control lines. Cooler temperatures at night are also expected to curb the fire’s growth.

A cold front that enters the area on Friday is expected to bring some rain, further aiding suppression efforts.

Viles Branch and Eagle Rock trails in Ouachita National Forest are closed due to the fire. People are encouraged to be aware of smoky and changing conditions as well as additional emergency response traffic on roads within the area of the fire.

The cause of the wildfire is currently under investigation.