LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Choosing the right name for a baby is one of the first big decisions parents face, and for the fourth straight year the top names for newborns remain Olivia and Liam.

Data from the Social Security Administration shows the most popular baby names dating back to 1880 all the way up to 2022, and for 2022, the SSA shows Liam as the most popular boy’s name and Olivia as the most popular girl’s name.

Olivia has held the top spot on the female list since 2019 when it topped Emma, which had led the field the year prior. According to SSA data, there were 16,573 babies given the name in 2022.

On the male name side, Liam has been the top name since 2017 with Noah coming in at Number 2, a swap of the names positions after three years the other way. The records show Liam was used on 20,456 birth certificates in 2022.

The Natural State looks to be close to the national trend. The latest data for Arkansas births has name totals for 2022 and show Oliver and Olivia as the top Arkansan infant names for 157 and 155 births, respectively.

For Arkansas boys, Oliver was followed by Elijah, Noah Liam and William for the top five. On the girls side, Emma, Amelia, Charlotte and Harper rounded out the top five. 

The SSA began compiling baby name data in 1997 and offers numerous breakdowns of the records. For example, the fastest-rising baby names in 2022 were Dutton for boys and Wrenlee for girls. On the other hand, Jacoby fell 326 places in the boys name ranking last year, with Tatiana taking a 287-spot drop in the girls ranking.

John and Mary were the most popular names in the 1880s. The most popular names for the last 100 years are James and Mary.

The administration acknowledges, however, that before 1937 many people never applied for a Social Security card, so earlier rankings may be skewed.