Cat Survives Arrow to the Head; Mountain Home Police Search for Shooter

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MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. (KY3) — If it’s true that cats have nine lives, a two-year-old tabby in Mountain Home, Ark. has “used up 8-and-a-half,” said Tammy Reynolds, a Mountain Home business owner.

It was 18 months ago the feral cat showed up at Linn Recycling in Mountain Home that’s fortunately owned by Reynolds, who is an animal lover.

“She showed up here as a stray so I started feeding her,” Reynolds recalled. “And of course we named her. Her name was ‘Miss Priss’ because she was kind of snooty.”

The snooty cat would come and go as she pleased, but 10 days ago she showed up in great distress and pain. Reynolds noticed she had been shot in the head with an arrow that had gone all the way from its entry between the nose and eye to its exit in her neck.

“It was scary,” Reynolds said. “But she must have been ready because she let me pick her up. And normally she won’t let you pick her up.”

Tammy assumed the worst as she rushed the cat to the vet.

“I took her there to put her out of her misery,” Reynolds explained. “Because she was suffering.”

Tammy brought the injured cat to the All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Mtn. Home where Dr. Rob Connor made a surprising diagnosis.

He didn’t think it was a fatal injury.

“Medically it was probably one of the more minor things I’ve ever done,” Connor said.

Not that it wasn’t serious. It’s just that this was a lucky cat as the arrow missed every vital part of her anatomy.

“There were many, many critical structures,” Connor said. “Hit one and your done. It literally went through the side of the socket of her eye and through her nasal cavity, through the back of her throat, through the base of her tongue, runs along her neck and protrudes from her neck right about the shoulder.”

Dr. Connor successfully removed the arrow, and Miss Priss was renamed “Katness” for the female character in the Hunger Games. And this once feral, stray cat who avoided human contact has learned to trust and love those who saved her life.

“I think it was surrounded by people who care about it,” Connor said. “All the things that we desire in life like love, nourishment, safety and happiness. I think because of that she responded to it.”

Katness has at least one life left, and is now looking for a new home.

“I didn’t want to bring her back here and let whoever the person was in my community who thinks it’s really cute to do this, do it again,” Reynolds said. “I don’t know what possesses someone to be this heartless and cruel to do that to an animal.”

Several people have already asked about adopting Katness but if you’re interested you can call the All Creatures Veterinary Hospital at (870) 425-5175.

And by the way law enforcement is looking for the person who shot Katness with the arrow.

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