POPE COUNTY, Ark. – The Racing Commission also denied all the Pope County casino applications. 

The commission said none of the companies had written letters of support from current city or county leaders. 

In total, five companies submitted a license. 

Gulfside Casino Partnership had a written letter of support from the former mayor and Pope County judge. 

But the commission said since they weren’t currently in the position they wouldn’t get the sole Pope County license. 

A representative for Gulfside says the company does have a chance to appeal. 

“We are the only applicant that has met all the qualifications set out in the amendment. So I believe we’re the only ones to have the standing to challenge the rulings today,” says Casey Castleberry.

The commissioners also voted to refund all the money to the companies that submitted an application. 

It was a bill of $250,000 each.