SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A Siloam Springs man’s outdoor camera captured the moment a Benton County Animal Services deputy dropped off a dog and drove away.

In the video, the deputy driving the animal control vehicle came to a stop at the end of the road and opened a door to let the dog out. The dog then started running down the road and the vehicle drove off.

Reed lives by a busy highway. He was immediately concerned for the loose dog and drivers on the road.

“I know I don’t want to hit a dog on [Highway 412]. So, if you’re going to swerve and cause a wreck, it’s more likely to happen with a dog running out in front of your car,” said Reed.

His kids also play in the open front yard of his home. He worried about the dog being dropped off so close to where they play.

“I don’t want an aggressive dog in my front yard or a dog that might have a disease or anything like that,” said Reed.

Animal Control is a team within the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. KNWA/FOX 24 reached out to the Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. In a text correspondence, the office said the deputy was attempting to return the dog to a home in which he believed the owner lived.

“We do not and have not ever dumped a dog anywhere,” said a spokesperson for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

However, Reed said this dog wasn’t his. He said he tracked down the dog when he got home and asked his neighbors if it belonged to them. They all said no.

“It was somebody else’s dog. That was not my dog. I have one dog. It’s an Alaskan Malamute, completely different breed, and it’s an inside dog,” said Reed.

The Sheriff’s Office said there is normally a $50 fee for picking up dogs that are on the loose, and the deputy was trying to drop off the dog at the owner’s home without charging a fee.

“We would have liked for him [the animal control deputy] to have tried knocking on the door beforehand, and this has been discussed,” said Reed.

According to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, the dog is now with a local humane society.

Read the full text correspondence with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office below:

“The deputy was trying to be helpful and return a dog to the home in which he believed the dog belong to because he was told the dog belonged at that home. We do not and have not ever dumped a dog anywhere. We spend a ridiculous amount of money each year (million dollars) on taking dogs to shelters when their families cannot be located.

We are supposed to charge people $50 when when we have to pick a dog up that is lose. However, our deputies try to save people money when they can and since he was told this dog belongs to that home, he was being helpful in dropping the dog off.

Now, with that said, we would have liked for him to have tried knocking on the door before hand and this has been discussed.

His helpfulness to the woman who had the dog in the first place and to the person he reasonably believed owned the dog is being falsely stated that a dog was being dumped. BCSO does not dump dogs. Our animal control deputies love what they do and are complete animal people. They do an outstanding job,”

Spokesperson, Benton County Sheriff’s Office