AUGUSTA, Ark. – After an EF-2 tornado ripped through the small community of Augusta, one man saw the devastation and started helping his neighbors pick up the pieces.

Ferrell Wiggins, the pastor of a church in a neighboring town just east of Augusta, says helping the town get back on track after the destruction of the tornado was his way of paying it forward.

“Back in 2017, I had a pretty major accident, and I had the whole community pull together to help me, so I figure it’s my time to help them,” Wiggins explained.

The pastor is giving his time to help hired crews break down trees, clean debris and get Augusta back up and running for nothing in return.

“When I woke up Saturday morning, I knew that I needed to get my track hoe and trucks and stuff and come over here and start working,” he said.

On day four of the cleanup, the community was already seeing a lot of progress.

“Saturday morning when I showed up, you couldn’t even see down this street, and today is Tuesday morning, and 80 percent of it’s gone,” he said.

Wiggins expressed his amazement at seeing the community come together in this time of tragedy saying he’ll continue volunteering his time as long as the community needs.

“You don’t like the destruction, but you see the whole neighborhood gathering together, working, trying to improve and getting life back to normal.”