NORMAN, Ark.- A Caddo Hills High School senior has taught his fellow classmates a valuable lesson.

On Tuesday, Tanner Wilson surprised his fellow classmate with an electric wheelchair.

For years, Brandon Qualls has used a manual chair.

Wilson started saving three years ago. Over the years, he has searched for an electric wheelchair he could afford to buy his friend.

“For the past three years I’ve wanted to get him one and I mean, I’ve been trying,” said Wilson.

This week he found one. He bought it and brought it to school.

“It was amazing because I didn’t know what he had done for me,” Qualls explained as he wiped his tears.

Teachers at the Norman school added this is nothing out of the ordinary for Wilson.

“He loves to do for others. He loves to take up for others. He is just a great young man,” says teacher Kathy Baker.

“I feel like life is a little too short to, you know, be judging everybody and you should think more of others than just yourself,” said Wilson when asked about the purchase.

For now, the chair will remain at school until Qualls’ family can get a car equipped for the chair.