LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Senate suspended a state senator Tuesday over a complaint he filed against another senator.

Sen. Alan Clark is suspended for the remainder of the assembly. His seniority for the next assembly was also revoked. This decision comes after Clark filed a complaint against Sen. Stephanie Flowers. In the complaint, Clark stated that the legislature overpaid reimbursements to Flowers in 2021.

The Senate Ethics Committee reported that Flowers was overpaid, but her income was altered to repay it. The report also stated that she wrote a check to repay the reimbursement.

In June, Clark faced a complaint saying that he received a reimbursement of public funds for an event he did not attend. Clark is no longer able to receive reimbursements or per diem for the rest of the year.

Due to Clark being on vacation, neither he nor his attorneys were present during the Senate’s deliberations. Sen. Trent Garner made a motion to recess and return when Clark was able to attend. The Senate voted the motion down.

The Senate Ethics Committee decided on their ruling saying that Clark’s complaint was “frivolous and retaliatory.”

Later Tuesday afternoon, Clark released a statement regarding the decision, saying in part that the Senate “punished the whistleblower” over his actions but promising to “continue to stand for right and fight corruption.”

Time will reveal the truth. We all have a right to our own opinions but not to our own facts.

Close to $4000 has been paid back to the state that was wrongly paid as a result of my investigation. More should have been. The weekend per diem for legislators will end. That amounts to over half a million dollars per session. The Senate which I love, punished the whistleblower for bringing it to light and sent a warning to others not to do so. None of that could possibly be considered frivolous by any definition of the word.

How can we be expected to fight corruption and wrongdoing in government if we can’t reveal and stand against our own questionable behavior? I am saddened for this body that I love, more than anything else. I will continue to stand for right and fight corruption shoulder to shoulder with whomever will stand with me.

I appreciate all of those who have stood with me and my family. We won’t forget them.

Sen. Alan Clark

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