LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas Medicaid clients now have additional pharmacy benefits, including three more prescriptions each month.

According to officials with the Arkansas Department of Health, Arkansas Medicaid previously paid for three prescriptions per month for adult clients. Now, the program will pay for three more prescriptions, allowing adult Medicaid clients up to six paid prescriptions.

Multiple classes of routine medication will no longer count toward that limit, the ADH added. According to Arkansas Medicaid, these medication types are:

•    High blood pressure
•    High cholesterol
•    Bleeding disorders
•    Diabetes
•    Inhalers for breathing disorders
•    Birth control pills
•    Contraceptives
•    Medications used to treat opioid disorder
•    Medications that help you stop smoking

The additional pharmacy benefits are only available to adults aged 21 and older who are in the fee-for-service Medicaid program, officials said.

For more information, call the Arkansas Department of Human Services Pharmacy Department at 501-683-4120 or visit the ADH website.