LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – You probably already knew this, but a new study suggests that Arkansas is one of the hardest working states in the nation.

In a survey by WalletHub, Arkansas ranked 20th of the 50 states in being the hardest working. The score came from a variety of factors, including the Wonder State being 9th out of 50 in average workweek hours, 18th in employment rate, 20th in annual volunteer hours per resident and 8th in average leisure time per day.

Source: WalletHub

North Dakota was first in the survey, tying for second with Wyoming in average workweek hours, the lowest score of all states for idle youth (classified as those between 18-24 years old who are working), and 49th out of 50 for average leisure time spent per day.

The study names New Mexico as the least hardest-working state, finishing 47th in employment rate, and tying with Louisiana and Nevada as 45th in idle youth.