LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas state officials have spoken out after the militant group, Hamas, attacked Israel Saturday, prompting the country to officially declare war the following day.

The attack has claimed the lives of more than 1,100 people in Israel and Gaza and has left thousands wounded. The White House National Security Council also confirmed Sunday that several U.S. citizens were killed in the attacks.

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders urged the United States to stand with Israel and condemn the attack against the country’s ally.

“This unprovoked sneak attack against innocent Israelis is an act of war,” Sanders said. “I join Arkansans in condemning this attack against our strongest ally in the Middle East. Israel has every right to defend itself. The United States must stand with our Israeli friends and allies.”

Sen. Tom Cotton and Sen. John Boozman both spoke out in support of the Israeli government defending their country and retaliating against the Hamas.

“I join Arkansans in condemning the brazen attack on Israel by Iran’s proxy, Hamas. This war is a transparent attempt by Iran to derail the peace talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia,” Cotton said. “The United States should provide Israel the military and diplomatic support it needs to destroy Hamas. And the Biden administration should cease all engagement with Iran.”

“Now and always, America stands with our ally Israel,” Boozman said. “This Iran-backed attack on the Jewish State is despicable and we unequivocally support Israel’s right to respond in defense of its people and sovereignty. Our prayers go out to all those suffering and in fear. #StandWithIsrael”

Rep. French Hill and Rep. Steve Womack backed Arkansas lawmakers in standing with Israel following the deadly attack.

“The US condemns the violent attacks and horrible acts of terrorism against our strongest Middle East ally, Israel, and supports their right to self-defense,” Hill said. “My prayers are with the innocent people of Israel and their families. America stands firmly with Israel.”

“The US will always stand with Israel. They have every right to defend themselves against this ruthless terrorist organization. I pray for the innocent people of Israel as they fight to defend their freedom,” Womack said.

Rep. Rick Crawford said he believes that the Hamas attack should be met with “swift and decisive force” from the U.S.

“The actions of the terrorist organization Hamas against Israel must be met with swift and decisive force from the United States in support of Israel,” Crawford said. “Freedom loving nations must denounce these evil actions and support Israel in their time of war.”

It was confirmed Saturday that three former Arkansas men’s basketball players were safe in Israel but were unable to immediately evacuate following the war declaration. One of the players was able to evacuate to Greece.

Rep. Bruce Westerman showed support for Israel and provided assistance for any Arkansan that may have been affected by the attack.

“My office is monitoring the aftermath of the attack in Israel today, and we are on standby to assist any Arkansans who may be impacted, Westerman said.” If you have family in Israel who may be in danger, or you do not know their whereabouts, do not hesitate to contact us.

You may call 501-607-0396 or email to speak with my district director. #StandWithIsrael”

The U.S. dispatched an aircraft carrier strike group Sunday to the Eastern Mediterranean in preparation to assist Israel.