LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – July figures show additional Arkansans were disenrolled from Medicaid in July.

A Tuesday statement from the Arkansas Department of Human Services shows that for July the agency had renewed 50,609 Medicaid cases and had disenrolled a total 82,279 people.

DHS officials said on July 11 the agency had removed 77,000 from Medicaid rolls since the coronavirus public health emergency ended April 1. DHS was prevented from disenrolling anyone from the program during the emergency.

As of Aug. 1, 915,926 Arkansans are on Medicaid according to DHS. The agency breaks this down as 398,726 children, 254,200 on ARHOME, and 263,000 other adults.

DHS Secretary Kristi Putnam emphasized the agency’s fairness in disenrollment decisions.

“We are now more than halfway through our six-month unwinding process, and during this time our dedicated county operations team has confirmed eligibility for more than 200,000 Arkansans,” she said. “This is exactly how the system is supposed to work: we are ensuring that benefits remain available for Arkansans who truly need them, and we are also working to make sure those who no longer qualify know about available options for health care coverage. As we move forward, we remain committed to completing this redetermination process in a way that is both efficient and fair.”

According to figures supplied by the agency, 36,751 were disenrolled for not returning the renewal form and 19,149 were disenrolled who did not return requested information. Household income being above the limit for enrollment led to 9,837 being removed from the roles and 4,143 recipients requested removal from the program. Finally, 2,944 were removed from Medicaid because they did not meet program requirements.

DHS officials said some people will not return their renewal packets because they realize they are no longer eligible.

Officials said beneficiaries who need assistance can call 855-372-1084 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They can also submit questions through the Access Anywhere form at, or visit for additional Medicaid information.