LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Department of Agriculture will soon offer a helping hand to suppress the ongoing wildfires in Mississippi.

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders authorized a crew of 10 wildland firefighters from the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Forestry Division to be sent to Mississippi for two weeks beginning Oct. 10.

Due to the extended drought in Mississippi, employees with the forestry division have been organized to enable participating state forestry agencies to send resources and personnel across state lines to suppress wildfires.

The crew will respond to and suppress new fires in the southern part of the state. The forestry division will also send five bulldozers to assist in the wildfire response efforts.

Officials with the Arkansas Department of Agriculture said that the Mississippi Forestry Commission has responded to over 760 fires that have burned over 14,163 acres since Aug. 1.

According to the MFC, 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans and can be prevented with proper care and caution.

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