ARKANSAS (KTVE/KARD) — The Arkansas Board of Corrections and the Arkansas Department of Corrections is seeking land to be used for a new correction center that would be used to hold 200 to 300 offenders within the Division of Community Correction.

The department issued a public notice for communities to express their interest in donating land for the facility.

Proposals for donated land will be reviewed and evaluated Department of Corrections and submitted to the Board of Corrections for selection.

The state is also looking for land for a maximum-security prison that would hold about 1,000 inmates, and a public notice for the maximum-security prison was sent out on November 11, 2022.

For the 200+ correction complex, The Division of Community Correction is looking for property between 5 and 40 acres. The property should be square and flat, generally, with a border on at least one side that consists of a paved public roadway, in an area that is not prone to flooding, and land that is not at a significant risk for earthquakes.

Proposed land sites should also be close to major medical resources. This includes a hospital with an emergency room, utilities for gas, electricity, water. The land should also be located in located in a relatively populated area for staff recruitment considerations.

Communities interested in submitting a proposed site have been directed to contact the Department of Corrections at to request a site evaluation questionnaire. Completed questionnaires are due to the Department of Corrections no later than February 23, 2023.