INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — An Independence County court issued an order to protect private information in a case involving child support payments from Hunter Biden to an Arkansas mother.

Lunden Roberts first filed a petition for paternity and child support in May 2019 and a temporary order of child support was issued by the court on January 27, 2020. A final agreed order was filed on March 12, 2020, with the financial aspects of the agreement redacted by the court.

On September 12, 2022, Biden’s attorney filed a motion to reset the child support amount, citing “a substantial material change in the Movant’s financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income.” Roberts’ attorney responded by filing a motion on October 1, 2022, asking the court to deny Biden’s request.

In a March 27 order, the Independence County circuit court said that “there is good cause for the protection of private information of the parties in this cause.”

“The court has no concern for the political nature or aspects surrounding this case. This is a case about child support and the court has treated and will continue to treat these parties as any other members of this judicial district.”

Honorable Holly Meyer, Independence County circuit judge, March 27 protective order

The order added that “the court’s goal is not to be opaque, but to be efficient and not burden the parties.” It added that the court balanced the competing interests of both parties in making its decision.

It continued by granting the defendant’s motion for a protective order. The court said that all information about or related to child support is confidential and will be sealed.

Any depositions in the case will be sealed as well. The court also specified storage standards for financial documents in the case.

The judge added that Roberts may file a motion to obtain information about payments made to Biden’s attorney and the court will schedule a hearing to address that issue. The newest order supersedes and replaces all previous protective orders in the case.

Roberts has also filed a motion to change her daughter’s last name to Biden. The defendant filed a response, asking the court to deny the request. Biden called the request “political warfare against the Defendant and his family.”