LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Better Business is warning about increasing scams from groups pretending to be home mortgage providers.

Officials said the BBB’s online Scam Tracker is showing more people are getting official-looking letters appearing to be from a mortgage company’s home warranty department. The urgent-toned letter claims it is time to renew the home’s warranty or the mortgage is at risk.

The trick reported to the BBB is the fine print at the bottom of the letter: “Not all consumers have previous coverage. We are not affiliated with your current mortgage.”

The BBB warns that if a homeowner calls the provided phone number and gives payment information, those companies using the unscrupulous advertising can get personal and financial information.

The agency noted that while the letters’ appearance changes depending upon who is sending it, they all have similar qualities of requiring urgent action and not being from the homeowner’s mortgage company.

Officials said that new homeowners may be especially at risk of falling prey to this scam.

Additional information may be found on the Better Business Bureau website.