CENTRAL, Ark – An organization made up of military veterans from Arkansas is traveling across state lines this week to lend a hand to those in Kentucky impacted by tornados.

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance groups from Central Arkansas and Northwest Arkansas left Monday for Dawson Springs Kentucky. They say the work hasn’t stopped since hitting the road.

The city was hit by a tornado Friday, leaving nothing but a town full of rubble.

“[The] devastation was horrible,” said Clint Roe with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Central Arkansas. “Metal buildings knocked down; brick cylinder walls knocked down. It’s like somebody’s taken this city and put in the washing machine and just mixed it all up.”

Roe joined a group of about 10 from Arkansas to help clean up the city.

Denise Beaumont says it’s her first trip with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance.

“It was very somber, very quiet when you drove it,” said Beaumont. “It was just unreal how much damage this community has sustained in such a short period of time.”

The team from Arkansas is working to cut down trees, lay tarps over houses and clear paths for search and rescue.

“It’s just like pick up sticks, the trees and everything in there,” said Roe.

Roe says the team has been able to save several trapped under the rubble, including a seven-year-old boy.

The team says they are in the state to help, lending a hand no matter how far a neighbor may be.

“I remember a tornado in Beebe, I think it was 1999 and there was all of sudden people showing up from all over the united states helping us,” said Roe.

Roe says the only way the town will recover is if everyone works together to clean up and restore hope.

“To put that back into people is just magical,” said Roe.

The groups from Arkansas are expected to return to the Natural State Friday. They will gather more supplies and send another group up to Kentucky after the holidays.