HOT SPRING Co., Ark. – Voters in two dry counties voted this week to approve alcohol sales for the first time in nearly a century.

Hot Spring and Polk Counties both voted to approve alcohol sales. Scott Hardin is a spokesperson for the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. He said this process is difficult.

“You have to gather signatures from 38% of registered voters in the county which really seems impossible,” Hardin said.

Five counties have voted to allow alcohol sales since 2018, Hardin said, bringing the number of dry counties to 29.

“Randolph County started this in 2018 and really gave people the confidence in these other counties that this can be accomplished,” Hardin said.

Bryan Blair owns the Beaver Country Store in Glen Rose. He said he often has people asking to buy alcohol.

“I have to send them down the road,” Blair said. “As soon as we can get everything lined out, they will be coming here to buy beer.”