LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Police claim in an affidavit used to swear out a Pulaski County warrant shows a candidate for Arkansas state auditor admitted in court to posting threats toward a former county prosecutor who is now a judge-elect.

According to a Little Rock Police Department investigator’s statement on the affidavit, Democratic candidate Diamond Arnold-Johnson said on the witness stand in August of this year that she was the person who had posted threats on social media. The threats were directed toward then-prosecutor Cara Connors in 2021 and posted on Facebook pages.

Arnold-Johnson was taken into custody by LRPD officers Friday morning. She is currently being held in the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.

The person originally charged with making the threats had those charges dismissed due to Arnold-Johnson’s testimony.

Police wrote in the affidavit that Connors submitted a police report in August 2021 after the series of posts used emojis and language that appeared to accuse her of improper conduct as a prosecutor and implied threats toward her. The affidavit said she told police in September that the threats by the poster had begun back in 2020 and had been sporadic over the past year.

The person originally accused was tried for terroristic threatening in August. The affidavit said that Arnold-Johnson was a witness for the defense of the person charged and said she had typed the posts as she shared the Facebook page with the man.

The affidavit continues that a post was seemingly directed at Connors in September 2022 from a Facebook account seemingly belonging to Arnold-Johnson.

“Cara Boyd Connors played with me and my family sooooooooo it’s only RIGHT I pay her BACK!!!! I better not see her anywhere in public I just may plea INSANITY”.

Facebook post on Diamond Arnold-Johnson page, September 2022

The police claimed in the affidavit that the trial testimony and the later Facebook post were sufficient evidence to issue a warrant for Arnold-Johnson. A warrant was signed on Oct. 13.

The arrest warrant served on Arnold-Johnson today was for first-degree terroristic threatening, a Class D felony. On the warrant she is named Diamond Lavette Arnold.

Connors was elected to Pulaski County Circuit Judge in May. She had served as a Pulaski County prosecutor.

When KARK 4 News reached out for comment on this story, Connors said she could not comment citing the ongoing judicial process.