LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – If you are looking for the cheapest gas in Arkansas, traveling to the northeastern part of the state may be your best option.

AAA officials reported Tuesday that Greene County has the state’s cheapest gas average of $3.87 per gallon. That price is below the state average price of $4.25 per gallon. Montgomery County has the state’s highest gas average of $4.70 per gallon.

Diesel fuel slightly dropped to $5.25 per gallon.

In central Arkansas, Pine Bluff’s gas average is $4.33 per gallon. Gas in Hot Springs is averaging around $4.25 per gallon. Drivers in the Little Rock-North Little Rock area are paying an average of $4.17 per gallon.

The national gas average price of gas dropped to $4.65 per gallon. As of Monday, AAA officials said that the pump prices dropped another 12 cents since last week despite an increase in demand.

“Usually, more people buying gas would lead to higher pump prices,” AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross said. “But the price for oil, the main ingredient in gasoline, has fallen and is hovering around $100 a barrel. Less expensive oil usually means less expensive gas.”

AAA also noted Monday that Arkansas is one of the nation’s top 10 least expensive markets.

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